Employers Must Complete Noise Level Testing Regularly To Protect Their Employees’ Hearing

Are you concerned about the noise at work causing hearing damage? If you work in an extremely noisy environment, then you are at risk for hearing damage unless certain precautions are taken. One of these is noise level testing. Another is wearing high-quality noise-suppression headphones or hearing protection. U.S. federal law requires that all employees be properly protected to prevent noise-induced hearing loss at work. Companies must comply with these rules and regularly monitor, measure, and protect their employees’ hearing. For more information, be sure to check out: http://audiometrictesting.com.au/.

If your hearing is damaged by intense noise levels, this type of damage is usually permanent. This is why the law requires employers to conduct noise level tests.Noise Level Testing

Employers must first determine if noise is a problem. They do this by testing the noise levels using sound level meters and monitoring the noise levels throughout the work area.

If it is determined that there is a noise problem, the employer must then identify all who are at risk. The employer must also evaluate the potential risks and determine if any employees have already developed hearing loss.

After the employer identifies those employees who are at risk, they must then determine each employee’s level of risk. This is done through daily monitoring of each at-risk employee to determine the amount of noise impacting them every day they work.

All noise monitoring results should be combined into a report for the employer to use to help design strategies for protecting their employee’s hearing. Employers are responsible for ensuring approved policies are followed and all strategies for reducing the impact of noise on employees’ hearing are properly implemented.

Once all noise reduction strategies and procedures are implemented, noise levels must be continually monitored to ensure the levels are reduced and within safe parameters.

These steps should be taken by any employer who uses machines or equipment which produce noise that exceeds the legal limits for a safe work environment. Companies should use sound level meters to accurately measure the sound levels throughout the entire work environment. Individual sound measurements must be taken around any piece of equipment that is producing excess sound levels.

Employers can face both fines and lawsuits if they do not abide by legal noise regulations. Even a small company can purchase a small, handheld noise meter to ensure noise levels are within acceptable parameters.

Noise level testing is the best way for companies to ensure they are meeting government noise level standards. This is for the protection of both the employees and the employer.