Purchased Pine Furniture At Amish Store

I planned a shopping trip with my mom and sisters to go to Amish country. We had never been there before, but saw lots of great things our friends had purchased from there. We knew we were long overdue for a trip there and saved our money up so we could have a great time and get some nice things. We decided to make a weekend trip out of it and hit up the outlet stores that were just down the road too.
We left for our trip and our plan was to go to Amish country first to see what they had there. We arrived and were so surprised at everything they had. They had lots of furniture which is what I was interested in. I found pine furniture that was exactly what I was looking to purchase for my home. I found a bed I wanted to buy and other pieces of furniture. I knew I was lucky I brought a truck because I was going to need it to get everything home. My mom and sisters found a few smaller pieces of furniture that they wanted and we were luckily able to load it all up in the truck.

After shopping at the Amish store, I wanted to get home with my new things I bought. I couldn’t wait to show my husband the pine furniture I had found. We decided that we were going to go home that evening and not go to the outlet stores while there.

I took my mom and sisters home and helped them get their furniture out of the truck. Their things were small so I was able to help them lift them. I knew when I got home, I wouldn’t be able to lift the bed I bought. I called my husband and let him know to be ready because I would need help unloading this bed.

He was waiting on me when I got home. He helped me unload everything and get it in the house. He really loved the quality of the bed and wanted to get it set up then. He took down the old bed and put up the new one. We both love it and the way it looks. It is really nice and it is quality made. I love the pine furniture I found at the Amish store and can’t wait to go back.