Glen Kernan Homes For Sale

Looked At Several Glen Kernan Homes For Sale Before Buying The One I Wanted

My husband and I decided that we wanted to buy a home. We had rented one for a few years after getting married because our credit wasn’t the best. It worked for us and we wanted to make sure that when we finally did buy a home, it was exactly what we wanted. While we were renting the home we were in, we were able to save up money to put down on our home. We also got pre-approved for a home loan from the bank and knew what our limit was and what we could spend.

I went online and searched for Glen Kernan homes for sale to see what was out there. There were several homes for sale that both me and my husband liked. He looked from his phone at homes to see what was for sale and I looked from my computer. Periodically through the day, he would send me messages with homes he had found and really liked. He told me that he was looking at Zillow when I asked him because some of these homes I had not seen. I immediately went to the Zillow website to see what they had there. I was quite impressed with all the homes they had and the whole setup of the website itself. I saved some homes to my favorites that I really liked so I could show my husband later and we could decide which ones we wanted to look at in person.

My husband and I saved and looked at several homes that were for sale in the area. We had a really great real estate agent that was excited to show us any home that we were interested in purchasing. After looking through several homes, we finally found the perfect home for us. It was a home that we both could grow old in and knew that if we bought it we could make the best memories in it.

Since we pre-qualified for the home loan the process was easy. We were able to close on our home shortly after starting the whole process. It was move-in ready and after we closed, we were able to move into it. Luckily, our landlord was pretty nice about everything and didn’t withhold our deposit or last month’s rent. We love our new home.