Oak Beams

Information On Oak Beams

Wooden beams such as the oak beams contribute to a fantastic addition to just about any exterior or interior project. Whether you are looking for timber that spans across a living area, a mantle above a fireplace, structural beams for a pergola or deck, wooden beams offer a warm, honest and robust feel to structures.

The Oak Beams Grades

•Green Structural Oak

This is the type of oak that is freshly cut, meaning it was felled within the last 3 to 6 months. This wood has a higher moisture content which makes it more prone to movement and shrinkage while the drying process occurs. This movement and shrinkage does not always occur but it is still wise to take this information into consideration when buying these beams.

Green oak is a type of characterful alternative to the air-dried oak often used for internal structures. The green oak is ideal for barns, outdoor pergolas and any type of new building construction.

Air Dried Structural Oak

As the name describes, these oak beams are dried slowly at around 25 to 40mm in a year. This is a typical rule of thumb, but it really depends on the surrounding environment where the oak has been stored in. The best types of air-dried structural oak are stored in the ideal drying environment for around 3 to 5 years. These are the beam types that are reliable in association to protection from any possible future movement or shrinkage. When investing in these beams do a bit of research on the suppliers in your area and where they are sourcing their products from. Typically, these beams will be rough sawn on site which is generally the preferable finish for a variety of applications.

The QPI Grade Beams

The QP1 grade beams feature at least three straight edges that have a tolerance of a very small amount in wane on one edge. Typically all 4 of the edges will be completely square with very little or even no knots. This type of wood will never have redwood, damage caused from insects or other types of detrimental characteristics. The QP1 grade beams fulfills all the requirements related to the construction industries.

Oak attained from the English forests has been in use in building constructions for 100’s of years. In fact original oak beams still support structures that are over 500 years old. Oak is recognized as a natural type of building material that is very difficult to destroy and resistant to fire as well a flexible to accommodate the movements of a structure.