Professional Landscaping Stockport

Reliable, Professional Landscaping Stockport

Rik’s fencing and landscaping is a provider variety of gardening, fencing and landscaping Stockport. They offer these services to those living in and around Stockport. Their workers work hard to make sure that all of their clients are provided with high quality work; they make sure their work is flexible to suit each client. They want to provide all of their customers with work that they are happy with. They take pride in being able to offer all of their client’s reliable work alongside friendly workers. They specialise in services such as fencing and landscaping Stockport. They like to work hard so that they are able to provide a fantastic standard of work to all of their clients.  This is why they offer a free consultation to all new clients.

Their landscaping Stockport services include clearances, tidy ups, fencing and decking. The patio and decking services they offer mean you can give your garden a new look. Deciding between the two can be difficult as you need to consider the positives and benefits of each. The patio benefits include easy maintenance and that it is available in most colours but the benefits of decking are that it is much quicker and easier to construct, plus it can work out to be much cheaper depending on materials. Turfing means you can have a low maintenance garden which always looks well maintained and visually pleasing. Their tidy up services can help to keep your garden looking well maintained. Their clearance service is where they will remove and correctly dispose of unwanted items in your garage and home, they will make sure it is properly recycled and that the space is left looking clean and presentable. They supply the materials for the fencing and will fit it too; this is why they offer materials to meet most needs and requirements. They will make sure your trees are well maintained and hedges properly trimmed, so they look neat rather than messy. Their services allow your garden to always look properly maintained and cared for, including the things in your garden such as garages and sheds; your garden will be appealing inside and out. If you’re not sure what work you would like to do to your garden or what materials to use they will sit down with you to discuss what options are available to you and which would be the best.